*NEW* – BOHS P600 Foundation LEV Training Course

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In early 2017 BOHS launched their new Foundation course in the P600 series for LEV.  This one has in fact been given the title P600. Although it is in the “P” series this one-day course is in fact a Foundation module and it is intended to give delegates an introduction to LEV systems and, more importantly perhaps, to provide them with training, knowledge and practical experience in handling LEV performance testing equipment; eg Dust lamps, smoke tubes, anemometers, Pitot tubes/manometers etc.

This is a course ideally suited to someone with limited experience of LEV or who may have recently embarked on a career in LEV where they would like to be trained in the use of the standard instruments before then progressing to the Proficiency courses, such as P601 LEV Thorough Examination & Testing, or P602 Basic Principles of LEV Design etc.

It is a one-day course and at the end of the course there is a short Multiple Choice Questionnaire exam.  On successful completion of P600 the candidate will be awarded a Foundation Certificate.

Note that this course does NOT confer competency to undertake TExTs on an LEV system.  It is envisaged however that many delegates will wish to complete this course prior to attending the full Proficiency course (P601).

OXYL8 having recently launched an all-new website dedicated to LEV and Occ Hygiene Training information and support at https://www.oxyl8training.com are proud to announce that they have been approved to run the P600 course and have a number of training dates set through until the end of 2017

P600 Methods for Measuring Performance of LEV P600 LEV Training Course Leaflet

P601 LEV Examination & Testing  P601 LEV Training Course Leaflet

P602 LEV Basic Principles of Design  P602 LEV Training Course Leaflet

P603 CoSHH PPE  P603 CoSHH PPE Training Course Leaflet

P604 LEV Performance Evaluation and Management  P604 LEV Training Course Leaflet

W201 Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene  http://www.levjobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/W201_Leaflet.pdf