Who are Levjobs.com

LEVJobs.com has been brought to the market by OXYL8 Ltd, who as many of you in the LEV/HVAC industry will know has been the leading (and highly popular) training provider of LEV courses for the past 14 years, particularly the BOHS approved P600, P601, P602, P603 and P604 and W201 courses (see OXYL8.com for latest LEV courses, dates and support materials).

OXYL8 is headed up by Bill Cassells, a former HSE Inspector and Chartered Engineer. Bill has been deeply involved with the LEV industry for over 35 years and, as some of his friends in LEV/HVAC remind him, – he is ‘in danger’ of becoming one of the ‘elder statesman’ of the industry. That said, those who have attended his highly entertaining training courses will know there is nothing ‘elder’ or ‘statesmanlike’ about his energetic, provocative, enthusiastic support and passion for this topic!


LEVJobs ethos, aims & objectives

The ethos of LEVJobs.com is simply this – to be an easy-to-use UK wide ‘one stop shop’ for the jobs market in the LEV/HVAC sectors. A cost-effective, professional, sector focussed, facility providing a dedicated marketplace for providers and candidates.

Finding the best recruits and the best job opportunities has been a difficult experience for many with the locations and advertisements fragmented and spread across a number of recruitment areas. The focus of LEVJobs.com is to bring this to one central point where potential employers can advertise their vacancies on a platform dedicated to this industry sector.

We also want job seekers to be able to upload their details, CVs etc from a user friendly platform at zero cost.

Please also visit our main LEV Training site at https://oxyl8.com