LEV Technician

Salary: Up To £42K Depends On Experience
Permanent, Full-time
Location: SE England
Skills: P601
Industries: Commissioning
Company: EMCOR UK
Date Posted: 26 April 2023
Closing Date: 31 August 2023
Start Date: 1 June 2023

Job Purpose:
Responsible for carrying out a range of technical and engineering duties related to the maintenance and testing of LEV equipment and and containment devices contract wide.

Work is to be carried out in accordance with schedules generated by site engineering planning LEV coordinator once process supervisor and laboratory users agree a program of work.

Vacancy is located in Stevenage, Herts.

Apply technical and manual skills required to meet requirements of the contract when carrying out –
Work appropriate to core specialised skills
Work with equipment
Testing and maintenance work on LEV equipment and services, appropriate level of skill
Be fully aware of Service Level Agreements between PD and SED to ensure its requirements are met.
To act as a Deputy for Process Supervisor in their absence or when requested or delegated to do so to ensure continuity of customer liaisons and relations and service level agreements are maintained.
To provide information to support client QI process.
To carry out the duties of the single skilled technician in the discipline for which craft competency is held.
To carry out the duties of other trade disciplines to the level of trained competence.
To take the lead in specific jobs and to direct other technicians or contractors
To investigate, diagnose and rectify faults to a proven level of competency.
Carry out isolations to Company standards to enable the safe disconnection of electrical and mechanical equipment.
To check, test, set and adjust electrical and mechanical equipment to the levels to their proven competence.
To operate and monitor plant items and services and to maintain such systems including the addition of chemicals and lubricants in accordance with current COSHH regulations.
To identify further training as part of the appraisal system to ensure that applicable levels of skilled competence are maintained.
To liaise closely with the Senior Technician and User Departments to maintain a high degree of first line contact.
To attend technical seminars and training courses as appropriate.
To record and request through the proper channels, parts needed and spares used ensuring compliance with relevant SOP’s appertaining to change control and control and use of GxP spares.
To have a thorough knowledge of fluid systems likely to be encountered, being able to fault find and rectify as necessary. Carry out cleaning, flushing and dosing as required.
To be involved in special project teams which could involve cross site working and assist with other areas where required.
To liaise with and assist the Process Supervisor in the generation and reviewing of assets/PPM’s and for the prioritising of the day to day work, i.e. PPM’s and ESR’s to ensure compliance with PDSLA.
Attend and execute Project protocols, factory acceptance tests and site acceptance tests
Some factory acceptance tests may be conducted at factories outside the UK
Be knowledgeable in the Operation and Maintenance of Pure Water Systems and it’s implications on GMP.
Comply with all Quality, Health and Safety policies and Partner Contractor Procedures.
In addition, maintenance is also required on a number of Air Handling Units (AHU’s), including testing of the terminal and exhaust HEPA filters, DOP, VHP testing and Particle counting for ISO classification, P601Thorough examination and testing of local exhaust ventilation systems (LEV).

Preferred Qualifications

KI Discus
ATI - Safety Cabinet Testing, Airflow Measurement & Testing, HEPA Filter Testing

Preferred Skills/Experience

Be able to achieve high levels of operational performance. Experience in a related industry, Perform DOP testing on all variates of equipment including,

On- site PM, Calibration, Repairs & surveys of LEV devices consisting mainly of Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC), AFOS ventilated tables, Protex ventilated work stations, fume cupboards, downflow booths and isolators, KI Discus together with some miscellaneous LEV devices.

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LEV Technician